Coomer Party: Fun and Friendship Joined

Are you a proud member of coomer culture looking to indulge in a night of carefree fun? Or maybe you’re new to the coomer scene and curious what all the hype is about? Either way, throwing an unforgettable coomer party is the perfect way to celebrate leisure, friendship, and sweet gratification with your fellow coomers. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to host an epic coomer bash that will have your guests talking for years to come.

What is a Coomer Party?

Before we dive into party planning, let’s quickly define what exactly a “coomer” is for the uninitiated. Coomer is an internet subculture term that emerged in the late 2010s, referring to someone who indulges in leisure pursuits and guilty pleasures as a form of entertainment and escapism.

While the coomer label was originally applied in a derogatory way, many have embraced it as a badge of honor – a celebration of putting enjoyment and relaxation above hustle culture’s relentless grind.

The Evolution of Coomer Culture

what is a coomer party

The rise of coomer culture can be traced back to the increasing popularity of streaming entertainment services, social media, and online communities dedicated to niche interests and hobbies. As more people found ways to virtually indulge their passions, an entire coomer subculture began taking shape.

Coomers revel in leisure activities, whether that’s binging a new TV series, getting lost down a YouTube rabbit hole, or meeting up with friends for carefree hangouts. They find gratification in simple pleasures often dismissed as unproductive wastes of time by the eternally hustling and career-obsessed.

Today, the label has expanded well beyond its original internet origins to encompass a broader philosophy of unapologetically pursuing enjoyment and living life to the fullest.

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Defining Characteristics of a Coomer

So what defines someone as a proud member of coomer culture? A few key traits include:

  • Embracing Guilty Pleasures: Coomers don’t feel ashamed about indulging in “unproductive” hobbies and entertainment. If it brings happiness and enjoyment, it’s worth celebrating.
  • Prioritizing Leisure Time: Rather than define their self-worth through career achievements, coomers place a high value on personal downtime and recreational activities.
  • DGAF Attitude: Coomers couldn’t care less what judgmental outsiders think about how they spend their free time. They embrace a “you do you” mentality.
  • Camaraderie & Community: Coomers take pride in being part of a subculture that values friendship, inside jokes, and bonding over shared interests.

If that resonates with your lifestyle and values, then grab your shiniest coomer attire and start planning the party of the year!

The Essential Elements of an Epic Coomer Party

Pulling off a legendary coomer party isn’t just about putting on some music and cracking open drinks (though those are essential ingredients!). You’ll need to curate an overall vibe and experience that channels the coomer spirit. Here are the key components:

1. Atmosphere & Decorations

Every amazing party transports guests to another world through thoughtful atmosphere and decorations. Themed decor is a must for setting the coomer tone:

  • Retro Gaming Showcase: String up decorative lights and set up vintage gaming consoles, letting guests relive their childhood via old-school video games.
  • Coomer Theater Room: Construct a lounge area with plush beanbags and hang string lights from the ceiling to recreate that cozy home theater ambiance.
  • Arts & Crafts Corner: Unleash guests’ creative sides with an arts and crafting station featuring adult coloring books, sketchpads, moldable clays, and more.
  • Napping Nook: What’s more coomer than taking a mid-party siesta? Designate a dimly-lit, blanket-strewn nook for whenever sleepiness strikes.

The atmosphere should ooze an unmistakable “welcome to the coomer zone” vibe from the moment guests arrive. Let your freak flag fly!

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2. Music & Entertainment

A jumpin’ party playlist is essential for keeping the fun, high-energy vibe going all night long. Load it up with a diverse mix of fan-favorite singalongs, classic dance hits, and deep-cut cult gems. To level up the entertainment:

  • Host a Video Game Tournament: Reserve a section with gaming consoles and peripherals for guests to get their competitive game on via multiplayer battles.
  • Set Up a Coomer Karaoke Stage: Sometimes you just gotta shamelessly belt out timeless bops and cheesy 80’s rock ballads to a crowing audience of your peers.
  • Hire a DJ or Cover Band: If budget allows, having a professional DJ or cover band can elevate the party experience to another stratosphere of fun.

When it comes to music and entertainment, the ultimate goal is creating endless opportunities for guests to meme out and lean into their love of guiltless indulgence.

3. Activities & Games

While having an inviting space to mingle and socialize is key, you’ll also need engaging activities that channel that coomer energy. Some crowd-pleasing ideas include:

  • Coomer’s Beer Pong: Customize the classic drinking game with hilariously on-brand twists like recasting characters from favorite shows or memorizing movie quotes.
  • Video Game Trivia Night: Test guests’ knowledge with trivia pulled from retro video games, cult classic movies, and random pop culture rabbit holes.
  • “That’s So Coomer” Contests: Guests compete to channel the purest embodiment of coomer vibes, whether by chugging energy drinks or achieving maximum blanket burrito-ing.
  • Cards Against Comers: This custom rendition of Cards Against Humanity delivers a deliciously degenerate barrage of inside jokes and coomer references.

The more eccentric and delightfully weird the party games, the better. Aim for a mix of chill hangout activities as well as high-energy competitions that bring out everyone’s playful side.

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4. Food & Beverages

coomer party with friends

No proper coomer celebration would be complete without indulgent food and free-flowing beverages. Load up on notoriously unhealthy yet delicious snacks:

Salty & Savory:

  • Jumbo soft pretzels
  • Pizza rolls
  • Tater tots
  • Chili cheese nachos

Sweet Treats:

  • Donuts and donut holes
  • Candy like Sour Patch Kids, gummy bears, etc.
  • Brownies and cookie platters

As for beverages, be sure to have ample beer, hard seltzers, sugary mixed drinks, along with water and soft drink options for non-drinkers. Bonus points for doing crazy customized cocktails!

You could also set up DIY sundae or decadent milkshake stations to let guests craft their ideal indulgent dessert drink. When it comes to satisfying coomer cravings, go all out!

5. Guest List & Ambiance

Don’t overlook the importance of inviting the right guest list! Ideally your coomer party should bring together:

  • Die-Hard Coomers: The proudly unabashed members of your coomer friend group who will set the tone for the party’s vibe.
  • Newcomers & Coomer Curious: Mixing in fresh faces who are still exploring the culture helps expand the community’s reach.
  • Extroverted Social Butterflies: You’ll need some high-energy socializers to help mingle and introduce different crews to keep the fun moving.
  • Surprising Closet Coomers: We all have that one shockingly coomer friend who finally gets to let their freak flag fly at your bash!

Lastly, while debatably contradictory to stereotypical coomer culture, you may want to consider security (or at least a sober driver) to mitigate any worst-case scenarios. Safety first – even at gloriously degenerate coomer parties!


Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool coomer or simply coomer-curious, throwing an awesome coomer party promises a judgment-free night of pure celebration. From meticulously designing the ultimate coomer oasis to curating delightfully on-brand activities and entertainment, hosting one of these bashes takes time and effort.

But when you nail that perfect convergence of decor, music, food, drinks, games and simply chefs kiss ambiance?

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