15 Other Ways to Say “I Look Forward to Meeting You”

In the realm of professional communication, expressing eagerness for an upcoming meeting is a common courtesy. However, using the same phrase repeatedly can make your messages sound monotonous. To add a touch of variety and sophistication to your language, consider these 15 Other Ways to Say “I Look Forward to Meeting You” to convey the same sentiment.

Below, we explore each phrase and provide scenario examples, particularly in the context of an email.

“Is Expressing ‘I Look Forward to Meeting You’ Considered Professional?”

Certainly, expressing “I look forward to meeting you” is a professionally accepted and courteous way to convey anticipation for an upcoming meeting in various business settings.

It communicates a positive and respectful tone, expressing eagerness for the opportunity to connect and collaborate. This phrase is widely used in emails, letters, and other forms of professional communication to convey a sense of readiness and enthusiasm for the impending interaction.

Now let’s discover some other professional Ways to Say “I Look Forward to Meeting You”

1. Eagerly Awaiting Our Encounter

When aiming for a more formal tone, the phrase “I look forward to meeting you” can be replaced with the slightly more elaborate “Eagerly awaiting our encounter.” This expression suggests a heightened level of anticipation and adds a touch of formality to your communication.


Dear Mr. Smith,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity to meet with you next week. Eagerly awaiting our encounter and looking forward to discussing the upcoming project.

Best regards,

John Doe

2. Anxious to Make Your Acquaintance

For a more personalized touch, consider using the phrase “Anxious to make your acquaintance.” This expression conveys eagerness while expressing a genuine interest in getting to know the other person.


Hello Ms. Johnson,

I am thrilled about our scheduled meeting. Anxious to make your acquaintance and delve into the exciting projects ahead.

Warm regards,

Alex Thompson

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3. Excited About Our Upcoming Meeting

Injecting a dose of enthusiasm into your language can be achieved by using the straightforward phrase “Excited about our upcoming meeting.” This choice is suitable for various professional settings and maintains a positive and upbeat tone.


Hi Emily,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I am genuinely excited about our upcoming meeting and the potential collaborations it may bring.



4. Enthusiastically Anticipating Our Meeting

To convey a heightened sense of enthusiasm, consider using the phrase “Enthusiastically anticipating our meeting.” This choice not only communicates excitement but also emphasizes your proactive approach to the upcoming interaction.


Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am reaching out to express my enthusiasm for our upcoming meeting. Enthusiastically anticipating our discussion and the possibilities it holds.

Warm regards,

Jessica Lewis

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5. Looking Forward to Connecting

For a more casual yet professional tone, substitute the phrase with “Looking forward to connecting.” This expression is versatile and can be used in various contexts, making it suitable for both formal and informal settings.


Hello Alex,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am looking forward to connecting with you next week. Excited about the conversation ahead.



6. Eager to Meet You in Person

When the meeting involves a face-to-face encounter, expressing eagerness to meet in person adds a personal touch. Use the phrase “Eager to meet you in person” to convey this sentiment.


Hi Mr. Taylor,

As our virtual interactions have been insightful, I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to meet you in person. Let’s make our upcoming meeting a valuable experience.

Best regards,


7. Can’t Wait for Our Meeting

For a more informal and friendly approach, consider using the phrase “Can’t wait for our meeting.” This expression adds a touch of excitement and informality while maintaining professionalism.


Hey Chris,

Just a quick note to say I can’t wait for our meeting next week. Looking forward to discussing the exciting projects on the agenda.



8. Anticipating Our Collaborative Session

When collaboration is a key aspect of the meeting, using the phrase “Anticipating our collaborative session” communicates not only your excitement but also your readiness to work together.


Dear Ms. Davis,

I wanted to express my anticipation for our upcoming collaborative session. I believe our joint efforts will lead to innovative solutions and successful outcomes.



9. Keenly Awaiting Our Interaction

To add a touch of sophistication, substitute the common phrase with “Keenly awaiting our interaction.” This phrase conveys a high level of interest and attentiveness, perfect for formal settings.


Dear Dr. Anderson,

I wanted to extend my appreciation for the upcoming meeting. Keenly awaiting our interaction and the valuable insights it promises.

Best regards,

Victoria Green

10. Yearning for Our Scheduled Discussion

For a poetic flair, consider expressing your anticipation as “Yearning for our scheduled discussion.” This phrase evokes a sense of eagerness and longing for meaningful conversation.


Hello Mr. Davis,

As our meeting approaches, I find myself yearning for our scheduled discussion. Looking forward to exchanging ideas and perspectives.

Warm regards,

Samuel Turner

11. Anticipating our Soon-to-be Collaboration

When collaboration is at the forefront, use “Anticipating our soon-to-be collaboration” to express both excitement and readiness to work together.


Hi Sarah,

Our collaborative efforts are on the horizon, and I am eagerly anticipating our soon-to-be collaboration. Let’s make it a productive venture.



12. Enthused About Our Upcoming Encounter

For a subtle variation, convey your excitement by stating that you are “Enthused about our upcoming encounter.” This phrase maintains a professional tone while adding a touch of energy.


Hello Mr. Johnson,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how enthused I am about our upcoming encounter. Looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

Best regards,

Jennifer Mitchell

13. Eagerly Counting Down to Our Meeting

Inject a sense of anticipation by stating that you are “Eagerly counting down to our meeting.” This expression adds a playful element while conveying genuine excitement.


Dear Alex,

The anticipation is building, and I am eagerly counting down to our meeting. Looking forward to the insights and discussions ahead.

Warm regards,


14. Thrilled About Our Pending Discussion

For a straightforward yet enthusiastic approach, express your eagerness by saying you are “Thrilled about our pending discussion.” This phrase conveys a positive outlook and genuine excitement.


Hi Chris,

I wanted to share that I am thrilled about our pending discussion. Excited to explore new possibilities and ideas with you.



15. Looking Forward to Our Imminent Meeting

Add a sense of immediacy by expressing that you are “Looking forward to our imminent meeting.” This phrase emphasizes the closeness of the upcoming interaction.


Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

As our meeting date approaches, I find myself looking forward to our imminent meeting. Eager to engage in meaningful discussions.



In summary, the art of expressing anticipation involves selecting phrases that resonate with both the context and your personal style. These alternative expressions provide a diverse range of options to elevate your professional communication and convey genuine enthusiasm for the meetings ahead.