15 Formal Synonyms for “Speed up the Process”

In the realm of business, time is often of the essence. Whether it’s meeting project deadlines or closing deals, the ability to expedite tasks can make a significant difference in success. However, constantly using the phrase “speed up the process” can sound repetitive and lacks the sophistication needed in professional communication. Hence, here are fifteen formal synonyms you can employ to convey the same sense of urgency and efficiency, along with scenario examples for each:

1. Expedite

When you need to get things done promptly, expediting the process can be the key to achieving your goals efficiently. This term emphasizes the importance of prioritizing tasks and ensuring they are completed promptly.

Scenario: Email to Justin Taylor, a colleague

Subject: Urgent Action Required: Project Deadline Approaching

Dear Justin,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m reaching out to expedite the completion of our latest project. As the deadline is fast approaching, it’s crucial that we prioritize our tasks and work together to ensure everything is finalized on time. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, James Wilson

2. Accelerate

To accelerate the progression of a project or task implies the need for increased speed and efficiency. This term suggests a proactive approach to achieving objectives in a timely manner.

Scenario: Meeting Agenda

Topic: Strategies to Accelerate Sales Growth

In today’s meeting, we will discuss various strategies to accelerate our sales growth in the upcoming quarter. By identifying key areas for improvement and implementing targeted initiatives, we aim to achieve significant progress within a shorter timeframe. Let’s brainstorm ideas and prioritize actions to drive accelerated growth.

3. Hasten the Work

When time is of the essence, it’s essential to hasten the work to meet deadlines and deliver results promptly. This term emphasizes the need for swift action and efficient execution of tasks.

Scenario: Project Update

Dear Team,

I’m writing to remind everyone of the importance of hastening our work on the current project. With the deadline fast approaching, it’s crucial that we maintain momentum and ensure all tasks are completed according to schedule. Let’s redouble our efforts and work together to achieve our objectives in a timely manner.

Regards, James Wilson

4. Quicken the Process

To quicken the process is to expedite tasks and procedures, reducing the time required for completion. This term underscores the need for efficiency and swift action to achieve desired outcomes promptly.

Scenario: Task Delegation

Dear Team,

In order to quicken the process and meet our project deadlines, I’m delegating specific tasks to each team member. Please review the attached task list and let me know if there are any questions or concerns. Your prompt attention to these tasks is greatly appreciated.

Best regards, James Wilson

5. Streamline

Streamlining the process involves optimizing workflows and eliminating unnecessary steps to improve efficiency. This term emphasizes the need for simplification and efficiency in task execution.

Scenario: Process Improvement Initiative

Dear Team,

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline operations, I’m pleased to announce a new process improvement initiative. By identifying bottlenecks and implementing streamlined workflows, we can enhance efficiency and accelerate project timelines. Your input and cooperation in this endeavor are invaluable.

Regards, James Wilson

6. Increase the Pace

To increase the pace of work is to expedite tasks and activities, ensuring timely completion and delivery. This term underscores the need for urgency and proactive action in achieving objectives.

Scenario: Production Meeting

Agenda Item: Increasing Production Pace

In today’s meeting, we will discuss strategies to increase the pace of production in order to meet growing demand. By optimizing workflows and leveraging technology, we can enhance efficiency and ensure timely delivery of our products. Let’s brainstorm ideas and prioritize actions to accelerate our production processes.

7. Fast-track the Process

Fast-tracking the process involves expediting tasks or procedures to achieve results more quickly than usual. This term implies a shortcut or expedited approach to completing tasks.

Scenario: Project Kickoff

Dear Team,

I’m excited to announce that we will be fast-tracking the process for our latest project to meet an accelerated timeline. By allocating resources strategically and prioritizing critical tasks, we aim to achieve our objectives ahead of schedule. Let’s hit the ground running and work together to make this project a success.

Best regards, James Wilson

8. Reduce the Timeline

To reduce the timeline is to shorten the duration required to complete a project or task. This term emphasizes the need for efficiency and expedited action to meet deadlines.

Scenario: Project Update Meeting

Agenda Item: Timeline Reduction Strategies

In today’s meeting, we will explore ways to reduce the timeline for our upcoming project without compromising quality. By identifying opportunities for optimization and streamlining workflows, we can achieve our objectives more quickly and efficiently. Let’s collaborate to find innovative solutions and expedite project delivery.

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9. Boost the Efficiency

Boosting efficiency involves improving productivity and minimizing waste to achieve optimal results in less time. This term underscores the importance of maximizing resources and optimizing processes to expedite tasks.

Scenario: Efficiency Training Session

Dear Team,

I’m pleased to announce a training session focused on boosting efficiency in our daily operations. By identifying inefficiencies and implementing best practices, we can optimize workflows and expedite task completion. Your participation in this session is crucial to driving continuous improvement and achieving our goals.

Regards, James Wilson

10. Enhance the Speed

Enhancing the speed of work involves increasing the rate at which tasks are completed without sacrificing quality. This term emphasizes the need for agility and swift action in achieving desired outcomes.

Scenario: Performance Review

Dear Justin,

I’m writing to commend you on your efforts to enhance the speed of our project deliveries. Your proactive approach and attention to detail have significantly contributed to our team’s success. Keep up the excellent work!

Best regards, James Wilson

11. Prompt the Progression

Prompting the progression of tasks involves urging or encouraging forward movement to achieve desired outcomes swiftly. This term emphasizes the need for proactive action and timely completion of tasks.

Scenario: Task Reminder

Dear Team,

I’m writing to prompt the progression of our current project tasks. As the deadline approaches, it’s essential that we stay on track and ensure all deliverables are completed on time. Please review your assigned tasks and prioritize them accordingly to expedite project completion.

Best regards, James Wilson

12. Catalyze the Process

Catalyzing the process entails initiating or facilitating actions that accelerate progress and yield quicker results. This term underscores the role of catalysts in driving change and achieving objectives more rapidly.

Scenario: Strategy Session

Agenda Item: Catalyzing Process Improvement

In today’s strategy session, we will discuss ways to catalyze the process of implementing organizational improvements. By empowering teams, removing barriers, and fostering a culture of innovation, we can accelerate progress and drive positive change across the organization.

13. Rush the Course

Rushing the course involves expediting tasks or activities to meet deadlines or achieve objectives in a shorter timeframe. This term implies a sense of urgency and the need for swift action to accomplish goals promptly.

Scenario: Emergency Response Plan

Dear Team,

In light of recent developments, we need to rush the course of action outlined in our emergency response plan. It’s crucial that we act swiftly and decisively to address the situation and mitigate potential risks. Your cooperation and swift response are essential in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Regards, James Wilson

14. Optimize the Process

Optimizing the process involves refining workflows and procedures to improve efficiency and achieve better results in less time. This term emphasizes the need for continuous improvement and maximizing resources to expedite tasks.

Scenario: Process Optimization Meeting

Agenda Item: Optimizing Sales Process

In today’s meeting, we will discuss strategies to optimize the sales process and improve efficiency. By analyzing data, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing targeted solutions, we can streamline workflows and expedite sales cycles. Let’s collaborate to enhance our processes and drive better results.

15. Quickening the Procedure

Quickening the procedure involves accelerating the pace of tasks or activities to achieve objectives more rapidly. This term emphasizes the need for speed and efficiency in completing tasks and delivering results.

Scenario: Project Status Update

Dear Team,

I’m writing to emphasize the importance of quickening the procedure for our current project. With the deadline approaching, it’s essential that we maintain momentum and expedite task completion to ensure successful project delivery. Let’s work together to achieve our goals within the specified timeframe.

Best regards, James Wilson

Pros and Cons


1. Enhances professionalism in communication.

2. Conveys a sense of urgency and efficiency.

3. Adds variety and sophistication to language use.


1. May be perceived as overly formal in certain contexts.

2. Could lead to confusion if the audience is unfamiliar with the terminology.

3. May sound verbose if not used judiciously.

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