20 Other ways to say happy friday

Fridays are universally celebrated as the gateway to the weekend, bringing with them a sense of relief and anticipation for rest and relaxation.

Whether you’re sending a message to colleagues, friends, or family, it’s fun to mix up your greetings. Here are 20 creative ways to say “Happy Friday,” along with examples of how to use them in various scenarios.

1. Cheers to the weekend!

Scenario: Sending an email to your team at work.

Subject: Cheers to the weekend!

Hi Team,

We’ve made it through another productive week! Cheers to the weekend! Let’s take this time to recharge and come back stronger on Monday.


2. Finally, it’s Friday!

Scenario: Texting a friend after a long week.

Hey John,

Finally, it’s Friday! Let’s catch up tonight and kick off the weekend right.

See you soon!

3. Ready for the weekend fun?

Scenario: Posting on social media.

It’s been a busy week, but now it’s time to unwind. Ready for the weekend fun? Let’s make the most of it!

#WeekendFun #FinallyFriday

4. Friday vibes are here!

Friday vibes are here!

Scenario: Sending a message in a work chat group.

Good morning team,

Friday vibes are here! Let’s finish strong and enjoy the well-deserved break ahead.


5. Let the weekend begin!

Scenario: Announcing the end of the week in a school newsletter.

Dear Students and Parents,

What a week it has been! Let the weekend begin! Wishing everyone a restful and enjoyable time.

Best regards,
Principal Johnson

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6. End-of-week celebrations!

Scenario: Emailing a client.

Hi Kelly,

I wanted to touch base before the weekend. We’ve made great progress on the project. End-of-week celebrations! Have a wonderful Friday!


7. The weekend is calling!

Scenario: Message in a fitness group chat.

Hey FitFam,

We’ve crushed our workouts this week. Now, the weekend is calling! Take some time to rest and recover.

Stay strong,

8. Weekend, here we come!

Scenario: Sending a family group text.

Hi everyone,

Weekend, here we come! Who’s up for a family dinner tonight?


9. Time to relax, it’s Friday!

Scenario: Posting on a wellness blog.

After a hectic week, it’s essential to take time for yourself. Time to relax, it’s Friday! Enjoy your favorite activities and unwind.

#Wellness #Relaxation

10. Enjoy your Friday!

Scenario: Emailing your mentor.

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for your guidance this week. I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy your Friday!


11. Weekend adventures await!

Scenario: Sending a message to a travel buddy.

Hi David,

We’ve been planning all week. Weekend adventures await! Ready to hit the road tomorrow?

Can’t wait,

12. Time to unwind, it’s Friday!

Scenario: Posting on a company’s social media page.

Happy Friday, everyone! Time to unwind, it’s Friday! Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

#CompanyName #FridayFeels

13. Friday at last!

13. Friday at last!

Scenario: Sending a group email to colleagues.

Subject: Friday at last!

Hi Team,

We’ve made it! Friday at last! Let’s wrap things up and enjoy our weekend.


14. Ready for some downtime?

Scenario: Texting your partner.

Hey love,

Ready for some downtime? How about a movie night to kick off the weekend?

Can’t wait,

15. The best day of the week!

Scenario: Message in a work chat.

Good morning everyone,

The best day of the week! Let’s tackle the day’s tasks and start our weekend on a high note.


16. It’s Friday, let’s celebrate!

Scenario: Social media post.

We’ve worked hard all week, and now it’s time to enjoy. It’s Friday, let’s celebrate! Have a fantastic weekend!

#FridayCelebration #WeekendVibes

17. Weekend mode: ON!

Scenario: Emailing a friend.

Hi Jessica,

Just a quick note to say hi. Weekend mode: ON! Let’s catch up over brunch tomorrow.

Talk soon,

18. The weekend starts now!

Scenario: Group message to a sports team.

Hey Team,

Great practice this week. The weekend starts now! Rest up and see you at the game.

Coach Sam

19. Friday feels!

Scenario: Personal blog post.

Reflecting on a busy week and looking forward to the weekend. Friday feels! Time to relax and recharge.

#FridayFeels #SelfCare

20. Happy end of the week!

Scenario: Email to a coworker.

Hi Emily,

Just wanted to wish you a happy end of the week! Hope you have a great weekend.


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