20 Other ways to say happy to hear that

Expressing joy and positive emotions in response to good news can significantly enhance communication and strengthen relationships, whether in professional settings or personal interactions.

Using varied expressions can add warmth, depth, and sincerity to your responses. Here are 20 different ways to say “happy to hear that,” along with examples to illustrate their use in different scenarios.

1. That’s Great News!

Email Example:

Subject: Congratulations on the Promotion!

Hi Sarah,

I just heard about your promotion to Senior Project Manager. That’s great news! Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off. Wishing you continued success in your new role.

Best, James

2. I’m Thrilled to Hear That

Text Message Example:

Hey Mark,

I’m thrilled to hear that your presentation went well today! All those late nights and hard work really paid off. Let’s celebrate this weekend.

Cheers, Emily

3. That Sounds Wonderful

Conversation Example:

Alex: We’ve just finalized the plans for our trip to Europe next month. Jamie: That sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

4. I’m Delighted to Know That

I'm Delighted to Know That

Letter Example:

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I’m delighted to know that you enjoyed the book I recommended. It’s always a pleasure to share good reads with fellow book lovers.

Sincerely, Laura

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5. That’s Fantastic to Hear

Email Example:

Subject: Successful Project Launch

Hi Team,

That’s fantastic to hear that the new software launch was a success! Your dedication and hard work have made this possible. Keep up the great work!

Best regards, Anna

6. I’m Really Pleased to Hear That

Phone Call Example:

John: The client just approved our proposal. Sam: I’m really pleased to hear that. This is a big win for our team. Let’s keep the momentum going.

7. I’m So Glad to Hear That

Social Media Message Example:

Hey Rachel,

I’m so glad to hear that your recovery is going well. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to seeing you back at work soon.

Take care, Linda

8. That’s Music to My Ears

Text Message Example:

Tom: The test results came back, and everything is fine. Emma: That’s music to my ears! I’ve been so worried. Really happy to hear you’re okay.

9. I’m Overjoyed to Hear That

Email Example:

Subject: Welcome Aboard!

Dear John,

I’m overjoyed to hear that you’ve accepted the job offer. We’re excited to have you join our team and look forward to working with you.

Best, Karen

10. That Makes Me Very Happy

That Makes Me Very Happy

Phone Call Example:

Jane: I just got accepted into my dream university. Mike: That makes me very happy. You’ve worked so hard for this. Congratulations!

11. I’m Ecstatic to Hear That

Social Media Post Example:

Just heard from my best friend that she’s getting married! I’m ecstatic to hear that and can’t wait to celebrate this amazing news with you both.

12. That Brings Me a Lot of Joy

Email Example:

Subject: Great Feedback from the Client

Hi Team,

That brings me a lot of joy to know that our client is extremely satisfied with our recent project. Let’s continue delivering top-notch work!

Cheers, David

13. I’m So Excited to Hear That

Text Message Example:

Anna: We’re expecting a baby! Paul: I’m so excited to hear that! This is incredible news. Congratulations to you both!

14. That’s Really Heartening to Hear

Email Example:

Subject: Positive Customer Feedback

Dear Customer Service Team,

That’s really heartening to hear that we’ve received such positive feedback from our customers this month. Keep up the excellent service!

Best, Rachel

15. I’m Very Happy to Hear That

Phone Call Example:

Tom: The surgery was a success, and I’m on the road to recovery. Mike: I’m very happy to hear that. Take all the time you need to rest and heal.

16. That’s Awesome News

Text Message Example:

Sarah: I just got the job offer! Alex: That’s awesome news! I knew you could do it. Let’s celebrate soon.

17. I’m Very Pleased to Know That

Email Example:

Subject: Successful Partnership

Hi Team,

I’m very pleased to know that our partnership with XYZ Corporation is yielding such positive results. This is a significant milestone for us.

Best regards, Linda

18. That’s Such a Relief to Hear

Conversation Example:

Lisa: The storm has passed, and everyone is safe. Bob: That’s such a relief to hear. I’ve been so worried about everyone there.

19. I’m So Glad to Know That

Email Example:

Subject: Good News about Your Health

Hi Nancy,

I’m so glad to know that your recent check-up went well. Wishing you continued good health and happiness.

Take care, Susan

20. That’s Wonderful News to Hear

Phone Call Example:

Jack: Our application for the grant has been approved. Emma: That’s wonderful news to hear! This will make a huge difference for our project

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