20 Other Ways to Say “Meet and Greet”

When it comes to social and professional interactions, the phrase “meet and greet” can sometimes feel overused. Expanding your vocabulary with alternative expressions not only makes your communication more engaging but also sets the right tone for the interaction. Here are 20 creative and contextually appropriate ways to say “meet and greet,” along with scenario examples to illustrate their use.

1. Connect

Scenario: Business Email

Subject: Let’s Connect This Week

Hi Jane,

I hope this email finds you well. I can’t wait to connect with you and discuss our upcoming project. Your insights will be invaluable, and I look forward to our collaboration.

Best regards,

2. Rendezvous

Scenario: Formal Invitation

Subject: Invitation to Our Annual Gala

Dear Mr. Smith,

We are delighted to extend an invitation to our annual gala. We are looking forward to our rendezvous at this prestigious event.

Warm regards,

3. Encounter

Scenario: Conference Invitation

Subject: Upcoming Conference: Eagerly Anticipating Our Encounter

Dear Dr. Brown,

I hope this message finds you well. We are eagerly anticipating our encounter at the upcoming science conference. Your keynote speech is highly anticipated.

Best wishes,

4. Acquaintance


Scenario: Networking Event

Subject: Excited to Make Your Acquaintance

Hi Sarah,

I hope you are doing well. I am excited to make your acquaintance at the networking event next week. Your reputation as a leading expert precedes you.

Kind regards,

5. Face-to-Face

Scenario: Project Meeting

Subject: Anticipating Our Face-to-Face Meeting

Dear Team,

As our project deadline approaches, I am anticipating our face-to-face meeting next Monday. It’s crucial that we finalize all details.


6. Greet in Person

Scenario: New Hire Welcome

Subject: Anxious to Greet You in Person

Dear Alex,

Welcome to the team! I am anxious to greet you in person on your first day and show you around the office.


7. Meet

Scenario: Casual Gathering

Subject: Counting Down the Moments Until We Meet

Hi David,

It’s been a while! I’m counting down the moments until we meet for coffee this Saturday. There’s so much to catch up on.


8. Mingle

Scenario: Company Party

Subject: Ready to Meet and Mingle

Dear All,

The company holiday party is around the corner, and I am ready to meet and mingle with all of you. Let’s celebrate our successes together.


9. Forthcoming Meeting

Scenario: Client Appointment

Subject: Enthusiastic About Our Forthcoming Meeting

Hi Mr. Thompson,

I hope you are well. I am enthusiastic about our forthcoming meeting to discuss the new partnership opportunities.


10. Shaking Hands

Scenario: Business Introduction

Subject: Looking Forward to Shaking Hands

Dear Mr. Lee,

I hope this note finds you well. I am looking forward to shaking hands at our upcoming meeting and exploring potential collaborations.

Warm regards,

11. Exchange Pleasantries

Scenario: Formal Dinner

Subject: Can’t Wait to Exchange Pleasantries

Dear Ms. Adams,

It will be a pleasure to see you at the ambassador’s dinner next week. I can’t wait to exchange pleasantries and discuss our shared interests.


12. In the Flesh

Scenario: Alumni Reunion

Subject: Thrilled to Meet You in the Flesh

Hi Jennifer,

The alumni reunion is almost here! I’m thrilled to meet you in the flesh after all these years of keeping in touch online.

Take care,

13. Meet-Up


Scenario: Study Group

Subject: Excited for Our Meet-Up

Hey Mark,

Our study group meet-up is scheduled for this Thursday. I’m excited for our meet-up and the productive session ahead.

See you soon,

14. Introduction

Scenario: Mentor Session

Subject: Anticipating Our Introduction

Dear Mrs. Green,

I am thrilled to be assigned you as my mentor. I am anticipating our introduction this coming week and eager to learn from you.

Best regards,

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15. Face-to-Face Interaction

Scenario: Performance Review

Subject: Eagerly Awaiting Our Face-to-Face Interaction

Hi Mr. Johnson,

The annual performance reviews are upon us. I am eagerly awaiting our face-to-face interaction to discuss my progress and goals.


16. Greet with Open Arms

Scenario: Family Reunion

Subject: Ready to Greet You with Open Arms

Dear Family,

It’s been too long since we’ve all been together. I am ready to greet you with open arms at the family reunion next month.


17. Rendezvous

Scenario: Romantic Date

Subject: Enthusiastically Awaiting Our Rendezvous

Hi Alex,

Just a quick note to say that I am enthusiastically awaiting our rendezvous this Friday night. It’s going to be a wonderful evening.


18. First Encounter

Scenario: Online Friend Meet-Up

Subject: Looking Forward to Our First Encounter

Hey Chris,

We’ve chatted online for months, and now we finally get to meet! I am looking forward to our first encounter next weekend.


19. Forthcoming Meet

Scenario: Workshop

Subject: Anticipating Our Forthcoming Meet

Dear Participants,

Thank you for registering for our upcoming workshop. I am anticipating our forthcoming meet and the enriching discussions that will ensue.

Best regards,
Dr. Keller

20. See You in Person

Scenario: Remote Work Transition

Subject: Excited to See You in Person

Hi Team,

With our remote work phase ending, I am excited to see you in person at the office next Monday. Let’s continue our great work together.



In conclusion, using different ways to say “meet and greet” can make your communication more interesting and personable. Whether you are writing an email, sending an invitation, or planning a casual get-together, choosing the right words can set the perfect tone.

Expressions like “I can’t wait to connect with you,” “Eagerly anticipating our encounter,” and “Looking forward to our rendezvous” add a touch of excitement and anticipation. By varying your language, you not only keep your interactions fresh but also make them more memorable for the other person.

So next time you plan to meet someone, try one of these phrases to make your communication stand out and create a lasting impression.

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