15 Other Ways to say “Thank You for Clarifying”

Effective communication is the lifeblood of relationships, both personal and professional. Whether you’re corresponding with friends, family, coworkers, or clients, making sure your messages are clearly understood is critical. That’s why taking a moment to offer thanks when someone takes the time to explain or elaborate on a point should not be overlooked. The simple phrase “Thank You for Clarifying” conveys genuine appreciation and ensures positive interactions.

Is it Professional to say “Thank You for Clarifying”

Yes, “Thank You for Clarifying” is a professionally acceptable phrase to use in written business communications like emails. It comes across as polite and appreciative when said genuinely, without sarcasm. Sources confirm it is appropriate for formal situations and has the right level of formality for a work setting.

15 ways to say “Thank you for clarifying”

  1. Appreciate the clarification
  2. Thanks for spelling that out
  3. Thank you for elucidating
  4. Thanks for the additional info
  5. Thanks for explaining
  6. Thank you for clearing that up
  7. Thank you for making that clear
  8. Thank you for resolving that
  9. Thanks for shedding some light
  10. Thank you for illuminating
  11. Appreciate the specification
  12. Thank you for simplifying
  13. Thank you for breaking that down
  14. Thank you for making that plain
  15. Thank you for resolving my concern

1. Appreciate the Clarification

You can use “appreciate the clarification” in more formal settings like work emails or business correspondence. For example:

Dear Joan,

I appreciate the clarification on the new expense policy. Now I understand that receipts under $20 do not need pre-approval as long as they fall into approved categories. Thank you for spelling this out – it will make things much easier moving forward.


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2. Thanks for Spelling That Out

“Thanks for spelling that out” is a friendly way to thank someone for explaining something step-by-step to help you understand better. For example:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for spelling out the steps to set up my new computer, especially showing me where all the ports are. I really appreciate you taking the time to clarify – now I feel much more confident getting started.

Talk soon,

3. Thank You for Elucidating

“Thank you for elucidating” uses more advanced vocabulary, making it fitting for formal correspondence:

Dear Mrs. Lee,

I wanted to say thank you for elucidating the key details of this contract. I know it required extra effort on your part. Now that I understand the terms more clearly, I am happy to move forward with signing.

Best regards,

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4. Thanks for the Additional Info

“Thanks for the additional info” is a casual way to thank someone for providing clarification and extra details:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the additional info on the conference agenda – outlining the speakers and topics helped me understand what to expect. I look forward to connecting there.


5. Thanks for Explaining

“Thanks for explaining” is a simple but grateful phrase you can use when someone takes the time to clarify something for you:

Hi Mr. Davis,

Thanks for explaining the new metrics dashboard so thoroughly yesterday. I really appreciate you taking the time to walk me through the key numbers. It makes much more sense now.


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6. Thank You for Clearing That Up

“Thank you for clearing that up” conveys appreciation when someone resolves a confusing issue:

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for clearing up my questions about the conference travel reimbursements. I understand now that taxi rides also qualify, as long as we provide a receipt. This saves me a lot of confusion in the future!


7. Thank You for Making That Clear

You can use “Thank you for making that clear” when someone explains something that was ambiguous before:

Hi Tom,

Thank you for making clear the due dates for the different project milestones. I didn’t realize the design stage had a later deadline than the content draft. This helps as I plan my schedule for the next few weeks.


8. Thank You for Resolving That

“Thank you for resolving that” works well when someone fixes an open issue you had:

Hi Karen,

Thank you for resolving my payroll discrepancy issue. I appreciate you looking into the details and determining that a vacation day was not accounted for. It’s a relief to have this figured out.


9. Thanks for Shedding Some Light

You can use “Thanks for shedding some light” when someone provides clarification that illuminates something you did not understand before:

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for shedding some light on the shipping delays we’ve been seeing lately. I wasn’t aware of the supplier issues you outlined, but it helps explain the situation. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify.


10. Thank You for Illuminating

“Thank you for illuminating” conveys appreciation when someone clarifies in a way that sheds light on something:

Dear Mrs. Clark,

Thank you for illuminating the rationale behind the revised sales quotas. Understanding the factors you detailed helps me grasp the new targets. I look forward to hitting our goals this quarter.


11. Appreciate the Specification

“Appreciate the specification” works well for a clarification that provides more precise details:

Hi John,

I appreciate the specification of the conference room technology requirements you sent over. Knowing exactly what equipment we need to provide will help me prepare appropriately for each client meeting.

Best regards,

12. Thank You for Simplifying

“Thank you for simplifying” conveys gratitude when a complex issue is clarified by explaining it more simply:

Hi Mr. Lee,

Thank you for simplifying the new quality metrics for me today by relating them back to our old versions. Breaking it down into more basic terms really helped me understand the changes.


13. Thank You for Breaking That Down

“Thank you for breaking that down” works when someone clarifies something step-by-step:

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for breaking down each phase of the website redesign project. Understanding the detailed tasks involved in each stage will help me better estimate costs and timelines.


14. Thank You for Making That Plain

You can say “Thank you for making that plain” when a clarification makes something clear that was confusing before:

Hi Anne,

Thank you for making plain the difference between the two insurance plan options. I was having trouble distinguishing them, but your overview spelled it out in easy to grasp terms.

Thanks again,

15. Thank You for Resolving My Concern

“Thank you for resolving my concern” works well when a clarification directly addresses a question or area of uncertainty:

Hi Terry,

Thank you for resolving my concern about the shipping mistake. I feel much more at ease now that you’ve explained the process for correcting the address issue.



In conclusion, there are many different ways to express gratitude when someone takes the time to explain or clarify something. Choosing the right phrase depends on the language formality your situation calls for, from professional emails to casual conversations. Varying your vocabulary avoids dull repetitions and keeps your communications engaging.