20 other ways to say the text states

When writing, it’s often beneficial to vary your language to maintain reader engagement and provide clarity. One commonly overused phrase is “the text states.

Here are 20 alternatives to consider, each suited to different contexts. We’ll also provide scenario examples to illustrate their use.

1. The Document Indicates

Scenario: In an Email to a colleague summarizing a policy document.

Dear Sarah,

I’ve reviewed the new company policy on remote work. The document indicates that employees are allowed to work from home up to three days a week, provided they have approval from their managers.

Best regards,

2. The Report Mentions

The Report Mentions

Scenario: In an Email to a project manager updating on progress.

Dear Mark,

I’ve gone through the latest project performance document. The report mentions that our sales have increased by 15% compared to the previous quarter, which is a positive trend.

Kind regards,

3. The Article Asserts

Scenario: In a research paper discussing findings.

Dear Sarah,

In her recent publication on climate change, Dr. Smith provides compelling evidence. The article asserts that immediate action is necessary to mitigate the adverse effects on global weather patterns.

Warm regards,

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4. The Passage Reveals

Scenario: In a literary analysis essay.

Dear Mark,

In the novel “Pride and Prejudice,” the passage reveals Elizabeth Bennet’s initial prejudice against Mr. Darcy, highlighting her quick judgments and the societal influences of her time.

Warm regards,

5. The Study Demonstrates

Scenario: In a scientific research presentation.

Dear Sarah,

Our recent experiments align with previous findings. The study demonstrates that a diet high in antioxidants can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Warm regards,

6. The Book Notes

Scenario: In a book review.

Dear Sarah,

John Doe’s autobiography is filled with fascinating insights. The book notes his numerous philanthropic efforts and their impact on communities around the world.

Warm regards,

7. The Paper Discusses

The Paper Discusses

Scenario: In an academic discussion.

Dear Sarah,

In our sociology class, we examined a recent publication on urban development. The paper discusses the various factors

contributing to the rise of smart cities and their implications for future living.

Warm regards,

8. The Script Conveys

Scenario: In a film critique.

Dear Alex,

I recently watched the latest thriller and found the dialogue particularly impactful. The script conveys a sense of urgency and tension that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Best regards,

9. The Paragraph Explains

Scenario: In a technical manual.

Dear Team,

For those setting up the software for the first time, the paragraph explains the initial configuration steps in detail, ensuring users can get started quickly and efficiently.


10. The Manuscript Outlines

Scenario: In a proposal for a book.

Dear Dr. Brown,

I’ve drafted the first few chapters of my novel. The manuscript outlines the protagonist’s journey from a small village to becoming a renowned adventurer, setting the stage for the epic narrative.


11. The Chapter Describes

Scenario: In a chapter summary.

Dear Jessica,

In Chapter 5 of “The Great Adventure,” the chapter describes the protagonist’s first encounter with the mystical creatures, providing vivid details of their appearance and behavior.

Best wishes,

12. The Essay Highlights

Scenario: In a student’s essay feedback.

Dear David,

Your essay on renewable energy is very well-written. The essay highlights the importance of sustainable practices and their long-term benefits to the environment.

Ms. Thompson

13. The Author Writes

Scenario: In a literature review.

Dear Dr. Smith,

In her latest novel, Jane Doe delves into the complexities of human relationships. The author writes with a keen understanding of emotional depth, making her characters incredibly relatable.


14. The Source Points Out

Scenario: In a historical analysis.

Dear Professor Adams,

Examining various historical documents, the source points out the significant role played by women during the industrial revolution, challenging many traditional narratives.

Best regards,

15. The Content Suggests

Scenario: In a marketing report.

Dear Maria,

Analyzing recent consumer behavior, the content suggests a growing trend towards eco-friendly products, indicating a shift in market preferences.

Kind regards,

16. The Text Informs

Scenario: In a product instruction manual.

Dear Team,

For optimal performance, the text informs users to regularly update their software to the latest version, which includes important security patches and feature improvements.


17. The Excerpt Clarifies

Scenario: In a classroom discussion.

Dear Students,

During our reading session, we reviewed a complex passage from the textbook. The excerpt clarifies the economic principles underlying supply and demand, making it easier for everyone to grasp.

Mr. Johnson

18. The Narrative Portrays

Scenario: In a storytelling workshop.

Dear Group,

In her short story, Alice uses vivid descriptions. The narrative portrays a world of fantasy where mythical creatures and humans coexist, drawing readers into an enchanting tale.

Warm regards,

19. The Account Specifies

Scenario: In a detailed report.

Dear Ms. Lee,

The investigative report was thorough. The account specifies the exact timeline of events leading up to the incident, providing a clear sequence for readers to follow.


20. The Piece Elaborates

Scenario: In a magazine feature.

Dear Editorial Team,

In the latest issue of Health Today, the feature article on mental wellness is particularly insightful. The piece elaborates on various techniques to manage stress effectively, offering practical advice for readers.


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