15 Other Ways to Say “Well Received” in an Email

Communication in the professional world often relies heavily on emails, making it crucial to express acknowledgement and appreciation effectively. While the phrase “well received” is commonly used, diversifying your language can add a touch of professionalism and warmth to your correspondence.

Here are 15 alternative ways to convey that your message has been acknowledged and appreciated.

List Of Other Ways to Say “Well Received” in an Email

  • Appreciated
  • Acknowledged with thanks
  • Favorably noted
  • Positively received
  • Accepted with gratitude
  • Well-accepted
  • Received favorably
  • Thank you for the positive reception
  • Gratefully received
  • Well-received and valued
  • Embraced with enthusiasm
  • Responded to positively
  • Met with approval
  • Received with pleasure
  • Thank you for the warm reception

1. Appreciated

Dear Justin Taylor,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your prompt response to my inquiry. Your insights on the upcoming project were highly appreciated and will be instrumental in our decision-making process.

Best regards, James Wilson

Additional Note: Utilizing “Appreciated” emphasizes the value placed on the received information and creates a positive tone. However, it’s essential to ensure that the context matches the level of appreciation expressed.

2. Acknowledged with Thanks

Subject: Re: Project Update

Hi Justin,

I have received the latest project update, and I wanted to let you know that your efforts are acknowledged with thanks. The detailed breakdown of milestones is incredibly helpful, and I am grateful for your commitment to transparency.

Warm regards, James

Additional Note: Combining acknowledgment with gratitude, “Acknowledged with Thanks” adds a personal touch. It acknowledges receipt and appreciates the sender simultaneously.

3. Favorably Noted

Dear Justin,

Your suggestions for streamlining our workflow have been favorably noted. We will incorporate these insights into our upcoming strategy session. Thanks for your valuable input.

Best, James

Additional Note: “Favorably Noted” implies that the information has been observed and regarded positively. It conveys a sense of approval and encouragement.

4. Positively Received

Subject: Re: Budget Proposal

Hi Justin,

Your budget proposal has been positively received by the team. The comprehensive breakdown and cost analysis are exactly what we needed. Thanks for your diligence.

Regards, James

Additional Note: This phrase assures the sender that their message has not only been received but also met with a positive response.

5. Accepted with Gratitude

Dear Justin,

I have received your report on the market trends, and it is accepted with gratitude. Your thorough analysis significantly contributes to our understanding. Thanks a ton!

Best, James

Additional Note: “Accepted with Gratitude” emphasizes not only acceptance but also the sincere appreciation of the sender’s effort.

6. Well-Accepted

Subject: Re: Proposal Feedback

Hi Justin,

I wanted to inform you that your proposal has been well-accepted by the review committee. Your innovative approach has garnered praise, and we are excited to move forward with your recommendations.

Cheers, James

Additional Note: “Well-Accepted” implies a strong level of approval and welcomes the sender’s ideas with open arms.

7. Received Favorably

Dear Justin,

Your recent presentation was received favorably during the team meeting. The clarity of your slides and the depth of your research did not go unnoticed. Well done!

Best regards, James

Additional Note: “Received Favorably” communicates not only acknowledgment but also conveys a positive impression.

8. Thank You for the Positive Reception

Subject: Re: Event Recap

Hi Justin,

I want to extend my sincere thanks for the positive reception of our recent event. Your active participation and positive feedback were truly appreciated.

Best regards, James

Additional Note: Explicitly expressing gratitude for the positive reception adds a personal touch to the acknowledgment.

9. Gratefully Received

Dear Justin,

Your detailed proposal has been gratefully received. The depth of your research and the clarity of your recommendations are commendable. Thank you for your thoroughness.

Best, James

Additional Note: “Gratefully Received” combines acknowledgment with a sense of gratitude, emphasizing the sender’s appreciation.

10. Well-Received and Valued

Subject: Re: Team Update

Hi Justin,

The team update you provided is not only well-received but also valued. Your commitment to transparency fosters a collaborative environment, and we appreciate your dedication.

Best regards, James

Additional Note: Combining “Well-Received” with “Valued” underscores the importance and impact of the received information.

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11. Embraced with Enthusiasm

Dear Justin,

Your proposal for the upcoming project has been embraced with enthusiasm by the team. We are excited about the possibilities your ideas bring to the table.

Cheers, James

Additional Note: “Embraced with Enthusiasm” reflects a level of excitement and eagerness about the received information.

12. Responded to Positively

Subject: Re: Client Meeting Recap

Hi Justin,

Your client meeting recap has been responded to positively by the senior management team. Your insights align well with our strategic goals, and we are looking forward to implementing your suggestions.

Best, James

Additional Note: “Responded to Positively” emphasizes not just acknowledgment but a favourable reaction to the information provided.

13. Met with Approval

Dear Justin,

I wanted to inform you that your proposed changes to the project timeline have been met with approval. Your attention to detail and strategic thinking are evident and appreciated.

Best regards, James

Additional Note: “Met with Approval” indicates that the information has been reviewed and endorsed.

14. Received with Pleasure

Subject: Re: Team Building Activity Ideas

Hi Justin,

Your suggestions for team building activities have been received with pleasure. The team is excited about the prospect of fostering stronger bonds, thanks to your creative ideas.

Cheers, James

Additional Note: “Received with Pleasure” adds a touch of delight to the acknowledgment, indicating genuine enthusiasm.

15. Thank You for the Warm Reception

Dear Justin,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the warm reception of our new initiative. Your support and positive feedback are thank you for the warm reception. It fuels our motivation to continue striving for excellence.

Best regards, James

Additional Note: Expressing thanks for a warm reception adds a personal touch, acknowledging not just the information but also the positive atmosphere created.

Pros and Cons of Diversifying Expressions:


  • Enhanced Professionalism: Diversifying expressions add a layer of professionalism to your communication, showcasing a nuanced command of language.
  • Personalization: Alternative phrases allow for a more personalized touch, demonstrating genuine appreciation and acknowledgement.
  • Positive Tone: Varied expressions contribute to a positive and engaging tone, fostering a healthy and collaborative work environment.


  • Risk of Misinterpretation: Some expressions may carry subtle nuances that could be misinterpreted, emphasizing the need for clarity in communication.
  • Time and Effort: Crafting diverse expressions may require additional time and effort, potentially slowing down the email composition process.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Different phrases may be interpreted differently in various cultural contexts. It’s essential to be mindful of cultural nuances to avoid misunderstandings.

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