What Do You Call a Person Who Loves Music?

For those whose lives are enriched by the power of music, there is a term that perfectly encapsulates their obsession – “melomaniac.” Derived from the Greek words “melos” (music) and “mania” (madness), a melomaniac is someone with an abnormal, even extreme passion for music. While the word literally means “music madness,” it’s used today in a lighter sense to describe anyone deeply devoted to and consumed by their love of music.

15 Words for Someone Who Loves Music

  • Melomaniac – Someone abnormally obsessed with or addicted to music
  • Musicophile – A lover of music
  • Melophile – A lover of melodies and songs
  • Audiophile – An enthusiast of high-fidelity sound reproduction and audio equipment
  • Music Aficionado – An enthusiastic devotee of music
  • Music Fanatic – Someone with an extreme, obsessive enthusiasm for music
  • Music Nut – Slang for someone who is “impulsive” about music
  • Music Enthusiast – Someone with a passionate interest in music
  • Musicaholic – Indicating an addiction or obsession with music
  • Tunehead – A slang term for someone heavily into music
  • Melodyphile – A lover of melodies and tunes specifically
  • Songbird – A nickname referring to someone who constantly sings or listens to songs
  • Rhythmaniac – Someone obsessed with musical rhythms and beats
  • Tunefreak – Slang for an extreme music enthusiast or fanatic
  • Harmonyholic – Indicating an addiction to harmonious musical sounds

The Telltale Signs of Melomania

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” – Robert Fripp

How can you tell if you or someone you know is a true melomaniac? Here are some potential giveaways:

  • Your music streaming service thinks you’re multiple people due to the sheer volume and variety of music you listen to.
  • You plan vacations around concerts and musical events rather than typical tourist destinations.
  • You have strong opinions about audio equipment and can discuss the merits of various headphones, speakers, and sound systems at length.
  • Your music collection is a source of pride and you’ve invested significant time and money into building your perfect library.
  • You know obscure facts about musicians and bands that would impress even the most devoted fans.

If several of those behaviors sound familiar, there’s a good chance you’re grappling with a case of melomania. But don’t worry – it’s a wonderful “affliction” to have!

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The Profound Impact of Music

For melomania, music is far more than just entertainment or a pleasant diversion. It’s a profound experience that taps into the very core of human emotion and psychology. Studies have shown that music can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, boost mood, and even help manage pain.

Neuroscientists have discovered that music activates the reward centers of our brains, releasing dopamine and creating real physical and emotional responses. This is why the perfect song can give you chills or make you feel pure joy. It’s also why music plays such a huge role in our most significant life memories and experiences.

Melomania understand this connection on a deep level. To them, music is a constant companion that shapes their daily lives and experiences. It’s the soundtrack to their joy and pain, their celebrations and heartbreaks. Music allows them to process complex emotions, achieve transcendent mindsets, and find meaning in the world around them.

Words to Describe Music Obsessives

While “melomaniac” is a fun and fitting term for music lovers, there are actually several other words used to describe this particular obsession:

Musicophile – Someone who loves music, from the Greek “musikē” (music) and “phile” (lover of). Similar to melomaniac but perhaps less intense.

Melophile – A lover of melodies and songs, from the Greek “melos” (melody).

Audiophile – Someone is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction, from Latin “audire” (to hear). Often associated with an appreciation for high-end audio equipment.

Music Aficionado – A Spanish term referring to an enthusiastic devotee of music.

Music Fanatic – Taking fandom to an extreme, fanatic implies an obsessive enthusiasm for music.

Music Nut – A slang term for someone who is extremely passionate about or “Impulsive” for music.

While these all capture the spirit of music obsession, “melomaniac” remains the most delightfully vivid and specific descriptor. It perfectly conveys the all-consuming madness that music can inspire in its most ardent fans.

Embracing Your Inner Melomaniac

If you’ve read this far, chances are you identify with the melomaniac mentality to some degree. If so, congratulations! Melomania is a beautiful way to experience the world and connect with that most transcendent of art forms – music.

Rather than fight it, embrace your inner melomaniac. Nurture your passion for music and let it enrich your daily life. Attend concerts, build your collection, join communities of fellow music lovers, and never stop exploring new artists and genres.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to indulge in what some might call your “madness.” As Robert Fripp’s quote suggests, music has the power to fill the silent spaces in our lives and souls. For the melomaniac, it’s this madness that makes the most resonant sense.


No matter which term you prefer, the key is celebrating your deep appreciation for one of life’s most powerful forces – the magic of music.

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