20 Other Ways to Say Happy Monday

Mondays often get a bad reputation as the most dreaded day of the week. However, the right words can set a positive tone and motivate those around you. Here are 20 alternative ways to say “Happy Monday,” each accompanied by scenarios to help you incorporate them seamlessly into your communications.

1. Hope You Had a Great Weekend!

Scenario: Email to a colleague

Email Example:

Subject: Hope You Had a Great Weekend!

Hi Jane,

Hope you had a great weekend! Just wanted to touch base on our project. Let’s pick up where we left off and continue our fantastic progress.

Best, Mark

2. Wishing You a Fantastic Start to the Week!

Scenario: Morning meeting greeting

Meeting Greeting:

Good morning, team! Wishing you a fantastic start to the week! Let’s dive into our goals and make this week productive and rewarding.

3. Let’s Make This Week Amazing!

Let's Make This Week Amazing!

Scenario: Motivational message on a group chat

Group Chat Message:

Hey everyone,

Let’s make this week amazing! Remember, each day is a new opportunity to excel and achieve our goals.

4. Ready to Conquer the Week?

Scenario: Weekly newsletter opening

Newsletter Opening:

Hi Team,

Ready to conquer the week? We’ve got some exciting projects lined up, and I can’t wait to see the incredible work we’ll do together.

5. Cheers to a New Week!

Scenario: Social media post

Social Media Post:

Cheers to a new week! Embrace the challenges and celebrate the victories, no matter how small.

6. Here’s to a Productive Monday!

Scenario: Coffee break conversation

Coffee Break Conversation:

Morning, Alex!

Here’s to a productive Monday! I’m excited to see what we accomplish today.

7. Let’s Kick Off the Week with a Smile!

Scenario: Motivational email to the team

Email Example:

Subject: Let’s Kick Off the Week with a Smile!

Good morning, team,

Let’s kick off the week with a smile! Positivity is contagious, so let’s spread some cheer as we work towards our goals.

Best, Laura

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8. Another Week, Another Opportunity!

Scenario: Weekly planner or calendar quote

Planner Quote:

Another week, another opportunity! Embrace each day with enthusiasm and determination.

9. Excited for What This Week Holds!

Scenario: Greeting during a team huddle

Team Huddle Greeting:

Hi everyone,

I’m excited for what this week holds! Let’s approach our tasks with energy and optimism.

10. Let’s Tackle This Week Together!

Scenario: Team collaboration email

Email Example:

Subject: Let’s Tackle This Week Together!

Hi Team,

Let’s tackle this week together! Collaboration is key to our success, so let’s support each other and achieve our goals.

Cheers, Sam

11. Wishing You a Wonderful Monday!

Scenario: Individual greeting to a colleague


Hi Sarah,

Wishing you a wonderful Monday! I hope you have a productive and fulfilling start to the week.

12. Let’s Start This Week on a High Note!

Let's Start This Week on a High Note!

Scenario: Opening a weekly meeting

Meeting Opening:

Good morning, everyone,

Let’s start this week on a high note! We have some exciting objectives to meet, and I know we can do it together.

13. Here’s to a Fresh Start!

Scenario: Morning email to a friend

Email Example:

Subject: Here’s to a Fresh Start!

Hi Anna,

Here’s to a fresh start! Let’s make the most of this new week and create some great memories.

Best, Chris

14. Ready to Take on Monday?

Scenario: Motivational message on a bulletin board

Bulletin Board Message:

Ready to take on Monday? Let’s bring our A-game and make today count.

15. A New Week, a New Beginning!

Scenario: Weekly motivational email

Email Example:

Subject: A New Week, a New Beginning!

Hi Team,

A new week, a new beginning! Let’s embrace the possibilities and work towards our goals with renewed energy.

Best, Michelle

16. Monday Blessings to You!

Scenario: Personal message to a friend or colleague


Hi John,

Monday blessings to you! May your week be filled with success and happiness.

17. Let’s Make This Monday Great!

Scenario: Office whiteboard message

Whiteboard Message:

Let’s make this Monday great! Focus on your goals and let’s achieve them together.

18. Looking Forward to the Week Ahead!

Scenario: Morning team email

Email Example:

Subject: Looking Forward to the Week Ahead!

Good morning, team,

Looking forward to the week ahead! We have a lot to accomplish, and I’m excited to see what we achieve.

Best, Kelly

19. Wishing You a Week Full of Success!

Scenario: End-of-week email

Email Example:

Subject: Wishing You a Week Full of Success!

Hi Team,

Wishing you a week full of success! Let’s carry the momentum from last week and make great strides in our projects.

Best, David

20. Let’s Make Today Count!

Scenario: Morning pep talk

Pep Talk:

Good morning, team,

Let’s make today count! Every small effort contributes to our bigger goals. Let’s give it our best shot.


Incorporating these phrases into your daily communications can uplift spirits and set a positive tone for the week. Whether through emails, meetings, or casual conversations, spreading enthusiasm and motivation on a Monday can significantly impact productivity and morale.

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