20 Other Ways to Say You’re Proud of Someone

Expressing pride in someone’s accomplishments or efforts is a powerful way to encourage and motivate them. Here are 20 ways to convey this sentiment, each with a scenario example to illustrate how you might use them in real-life situations.

1. You’ve Really Outdone Yourself

Scenario: Email to a Colleague

Subject: Congratulations on the Successful Presentation!

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say you’ve really outdone yourself with today’s presentation. The way you articulated the strategy and engaged the audience was truly remarkable.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Best, John

2. Your Hard Work is Paying Off

Your Hard Work is Paying Off

Scenario: Performance Review

Subject: Your Recent Performance

Hi David,

I’ve noticed how dedicated you’ve been over the past few months, and I want you to know that your hard work is paying off. The improvements in your project outcomes are evident and highly appreciated.

Keep pushing forward!

Regards, Susan

3. I’m Impressed by Your Dedication

Scenario: Thank You Note

Subject: Thank You for Your Efforts

Dear Emily,

I’m writing to express how I’m impressed by your dedication to the recent project. Your long hours and attention to detail did not go unnoticed.

Thank you for your commitment!

Warm regards, Alex

4. You’re Doing an Amazing Job

Scenario: Team Meeting Acknowledgment

Subject: Excellent Teamwork

Hi Team,

I want to highlight Jenna’s contributions lately. You’re doing an amazing job, Jenna, especially with the recent client proposal. Your efforts are making a significant difference.

Best, Michael

5. Your Achievements are Remarkable

Scenario: LinkedIn Endorsement

Subject: Endorsement for Mark

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark, and I must say, your achievements are remarkable. From leading successful projects to mentoring new team members, your contributions are invaluable.

Best regards, Laura

6. I’m Thrilled with Your Progress

I’m Thrilled with Your Progress

Scenario: Personal Message

Subject: Well Done!

Hey Mike,

I wanted to tell you that I’m thrilled with your progress on the software development project. Your innovative solutions have been a game-changer.

Keep it up!

Cheers, Sam

7. You Should Be Very Proud of Yourself

Scenario: Parent to Child

Subject: Great Job at School

Hi Anna,

Your latest report card came in today, and I just want to say you should be very proud of yourself. All your hard work and studying have truly paid off.

Love, Mom

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8. You’ve Reached a Great Milestone

Scenario: Graduation Speech

Subject: Congratulations Graduates!

Dear Graduates,

Today marks a special day as you’ve reached a great milestone in your academic journey. Your perseverance and dedication have led you to this momentous occasion.


Best, Principal Roberts

9. Your Efforts are Truly Commendable

Scenario: Employee Recognition

Subject: Recognition of Efforts

Hi Team,

I want to acknowledge Jessica’s work on the latest project. Your efforts are truly commendable, and you’ve set a high standard for all of us.

Thank you!

Best, Raj

10. I Admire Your Perseverance

Scenario: Mentoring Session

Subject: Keep Going!

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to let you know that I admire your perseverance. Despite the challenges, you’ve continued to push through and achieve your goals.

You’re an inspiration!

Sincerely, Linda

11. You’ve Accomplished So Much

Scenario: Anniversary Celebration

Subject: Happy Work Anniversary!

Hi Karen,

Today marks your fifth year with us, and you’ve accomplished so much in this time. Your innovative ideas and dedication have been key to our success.


Warm regards, George

12. Your Success is Well-Deserved

Scenario: Award Ceremony

Subject: Congratulations on Your Award

Dear Alice,

I was thrilled to hear about your recent award. Your success is well-deserved after all the hard work and dedication you’ve shown.

Well done!

Best, James

13. You’re Setting a Great Example

Scenario: Coaching Session

Subject: Leading by Example

Hi Brian,

I want to commend you for how you’re setting a great example for your peers. Your leadership and integrity are inspiring.

Keep leading the way!

Regards, Coach Taylor

14. I’m Inspired by Your Determination

Scenario: Inspirational Speech

Subject: Perseverance and Determination

Dear Students,

Watching your journey has been inspiring. I’m inspired by your determination to overcome obstacles and achieve excellence.

Keep striving for greatness!

Sincerely, Dr. Martinez

15. You’re Making Great Strides

Scenario: Progress Meeting

Subject: Impressive Progress

Hi Maria,

In our last meeting, I noticed that you’re making great strides in your project. Your innovative approach and hard work are clearly paying off.

Keep up the great work!

Best, David

16. I’m Delighted with Your Achievements

Scenario: Scholarship Announcement

Subject: Congratulations on the Scholarship

Dear Ethan,

I am delighted with your achievements and thrilled to inform you that you have been awarded the scholarship for your outstanding academic performance.


Warm regards, Professor Lee

17. Your Growth is Fantastic to See

Scenario: Employee Development

Subject: Outstanding Growth

Hi Natalie,

I’ve been monitoring your progress, and your growth is fantastic to see. Your skills and confidence have soared over the past few months.

Keep developing!

Best, Karen

18. I Appreciate Your Hard Work

Scenario: Thank You Letter

Subject: Thank You for Your Dedication

Dear Leo,

I want to take a moment to say I appreciate your hard work on the recent campaign. Your dedication has been instrumental in our success.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Olivia

19. You’ve Made Incredible Progress

Scenario: Health and Fitness

Subject: Amazing Progress!

Hi Jake,

Your fitness journey has been incredible. You’ve made incredible progress in the last six months, and it’s inspiring to see your commitment to your health.

Keep going strong!

Best, Coach Amanda

20. I Respect Your Commitment

Scenario: Volunteer Appreciation

Subject: Thank You for Volunteering

Dear Chloe,

I want to express how much I respect your commitment to our community project. Your volunteer work has made a significant impact, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you!

Warm regards, Eric


These phrases and scenarios demonstrate a variety of ways to express pride and recognition. Whether it’s in a professional setting, a personal relationship, or an educational context, showing appreciation for someone’s efforts and achievements can have a profound positive impact.

By using these phrases, you not only acknowledge their hard work but also inspire them to continue striving for excellence.

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