20 Other Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You”

Meeting someone for the first time is often an opportunity to make a positive impression. Whether it’s a professional introduction or a social encounter, having a variety of phrases to express your pleasure at meeting someone can enhance your communication skills and help you connect more effectively. Below, we’ll explore twenty alternative ways to say “nice to meet you,” complete with scenario examples to illustrate their use.

1. I Look Forward to Working with You

Scenario: Professional Email Introduction

Subject: Introduction and Collaboration

Dear Mr. Johnson,

My name is Sarah Thompson, and I have recently joined the marketing team at XYZ Corporation. I look forward to working with you on the upcoming project. Your expertise in the field is well-known, and I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate.

Best regards, Sarah Thompson

2. It’s a Pleasure to Meet You

Scenario: Formal Business Meeting

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Davis. I’ve heard great things about your work from our mutual colleague, Mr. Richards.”

3. Great to Finally Meet You

Scenario: Networking Event

“Hello, John! Great to finally meet you in person. I’ve been following your work on LinkedIn for a while.”

4. I’m Delighted to Meet You

Scenario: Conference Introduction

“Dr. Brown, I’m delighted to meet you. Your recent paper on renewable energy solutions was truly inspiring.”

5. Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

Scenario: Formal Dinner

“Mr. Smith, pleased to make your acquaintance. Your reputation precedes you, and it’s an honor to dine with you this evening.”

6. Glad to Meet You

Glad to Meet You

Scenario: Casual Encounter

“Hi there, I’m Emily. Glad to meet you! Are you also here for the tech meetup?”

7. Happy to Meet You

Scenario: Virtual Meeting

“Hello everyone, happy to meet you all! I’m looking forward to our discussion on the new software implementation.”

8. Wonderful to Meet You

Scenario: Social Event

“Hi, I’m Chris. Wonderful to meet you! Are you enjoying the party so far?”

9. It’s Nice to Make Your Acquaintance

Scenario: Formal Email

Subject: Introduction

Dear Ms. Lee,

My name is David Carter, and I am the new sales manager at ABC Inc. It’s nice to make your acquaintance. I hope we can have a productive partnership.

Best regards, David Carter

10. Good to Meet You

Scenario: Informal Introduction

“Hey, I’m Alex. Good to meet you. I heard you’re the new team lead?”

11. I’ve Been Looking Forward to Meeting You

Scenario: Client Meeting

“Mr. Green, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. Our team has spoken highly of your company’s work.”

12. It’s Great to Meet You in Person

Scenario: Trade Show

“Hello, Mrs. Thompson. It’s great to meet you in person after all our email exchanges.”

13. So Nice to Meet You

Scenario: Informal Gathering

“Hi, I’m Jess. So nice to meet you! Are you here with the conference group?”

14. I’m Excited to Meet You

Scenario: New Team Member Introduction

“Welcome to the team, Laura. I’m excited to meet you and can’t wait to start working on the project together.”

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15. Lovely to Meet You

Scenario: Social Introduction

“Hi, I’m Daniel. Lovely to meet you! I’ve heard a lot about you from our friends.”

16. Thrilled to Meet You

Scenario: Industry Conference

“Ms. Patel, thrilled to meet you. Your keynote speech was incredibly insightful.”

17. Nice to Connect with You

Nice to Connect with You

Scenario: LinkedIn Connection


Hi Sarah,

Nice to connect with you! I see we share similar interests in sustainable architecture. Looking forward to exchanging ideas.

Best, Michael

18. It’s a Joy to Meet You

Scenario: Charity Event

“Hello, I’m Maria. It’s a joy to meet you. I admire the work you’re doing with the youth program.”

19. Honored to Meet You

Scenario: Award Ceremony

“Good evening, Dr. Hernandez. Honored to meet you. Your contributions to medical research are truly remarkable.”

20. It’s Great to See You

Scenario: Follow-Up Meeting

“Hello, Mr. Johnson. It’s great to see you again. I enjoyed our last discussion and look forward to today’s meeting.”


Having a repertoire of phrases to express your pleasure at meeting someone can significantly enhance your interpersonal skills. Each of these alternatives can be tailored to fit various contexts, from professional settings to casual encounters. Using these phrases not only demonstrates your eloquence but also shows respect and appreciation for the person you are meeting.

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