20 Other Ways to Say “Happy to Announce”

In the professional world, communicating important news effectively can make a significant impact. Instead of always saying “happy to announce,” there are numerous other phrases you can use to convey your excitement and enthusiasm. Here are 20 alternative ways to share your news, complete with scenario examples to help you see how they can be used in different contexts.

1. I’m Excited to Share

Using “I’m excited to share” adds a personal touch and conveys genuine enthusiasm.


Email to colleagues:

“Dear Team,

I’m excited to share that we have successfully secured a major new client, XYZ Corporation. This achievement is a testament to our collective hard work and dedication.”

2. Thrilled to Reveal

“Thrilled to reveal” conveys a high level of excitement and is suitable for big announcements.


Announcement at a company meeting:

“Good morning everyone,

I’m thrilled to reveal that our company has been awarded the prestigious Industry Leader Award for 2024. This recognition reflects our commitment to excellence.”

3. Delighted to Inform You

“Delighted to inform you” is a warm and professional way to share positive news.


Email to a client:

“Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am delighted to inform you that your project proposal has been approved and we will commence work next Monday.”

4. Pleased to Disclose

Pleased to Disclose

“Pleased to disclose” sounds formal and is well-suited for official announcements.


Press release:

“We are pleased to disclose our partnership with ABC Technologies, which will bring innovative solutions to our customers worldwide.”

5. Overjoyed to Announce

“Overjoyed to announce” expresses profound happiness and is ideal for significant milestones.


Company newsletter:

“We are overjoyed to announce the opening of our new office in Paris. This expansion marks a new chapter in our global growth.”

6. Eager to Let You Know

“Eager to let you know” conveys anticipation and enthusiasm.


Email to stakeholders:

“Dear Stakeholders,

We are eager to let you know that we have surpassed our annual sales targets, achieving a record-breaking year for our company.”

7. Proud to Unveil

“Proud to unveil” is perfect for introducing new products or services.


Product launch event:

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to unveil our latest innovation, the EcoSmart 360. This groundbreaking product represents the future of sustainable technology.”

8. Glad to Report

“Glad to report” is a straightforward and positive way to share news.


Weekly team update:

“Dear Team,

I am glad to report that we have completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget. Great work, everyone!”

9. Honored to Bring You

“Honored to bring you” conveys a sense of pride and respect for the news being shared.


Speech at a conference:

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honored to bring you the results of our latest research, which has the potential to revolutionize our industry.”

10. Enthusiastic About Sharing

“Enthusiastic about sharing” emphasizes your eagerness and positive energy.


Internal memo:

“Dear Team,

I am enthusiastic about sharing that our employee satisfaction rates have hit an all-time high, thanks to your continued efforts and feedback.”

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11. Pumped to Tell You

“Pumped to tell you” is informal and conveys high energy, making it suitable for casual settings.


Social media post:

“We’re pumped to tell you that our new website is live! Check it out for the latest updates and features.”

12. Excited to Bring You

Excited to Bring You

“Excited to bring you” highlights your enthusiasm for delivering news.


Customer email:

“Dear Valued Customer,

We are excited to bring you a new line of organic skincare products that are now available in our stores.”

13. Elated to Present

“Elated to present” conveys deep happiness and is ideal for special occasions.


Award ceremony speech:

“I am elated to present the Employee of the Year award to Jane Doe for her exceptional contributions and dedication.”

14. Delighted to Bring to Your Attention

“Delighted to bring to your attention” is formal and suitable for important announcements.


Corporate email:

“Dear Employees,

We are delighted to bring to your attention that our company has been named one of the Best Places to Work in 2024.”

15. Proud to Share with You

“Proud to share with you” emphasizes pride in the news being shared.


Quarterly report:

“Dear Shareholders,

We are proud to share with you our strongest quarterly performance to date, thanks to our team’s relentless efforts.”

16. Grateful to Disclose

“Grateful to disclose” conveys thankfulness and is perfect for appreciative announcements.


Press statement:

“We are grateful to disclose that our foundation has received a substantial grant to continue our work in community development.”

17. Happy to Bring You

“Happy to bring you” is a cheerful way to share positive news.


Email to partners:

“Dear Partners,

We are happy to bring you the news that our joint venture has been approved, paving the way for exciting new opportunities.”

18. Excited to Introduce

“Excited to introduce” is perfect for unveiling new additions to your team or products.


Team meeting:

“Dear Team,

I am excited to introduce our new Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Lee, who brings a wealth of experience to our company.”

19. Over the Moon to Announce

“Over the moon to announce” is an informal and very enthusiastic phrase.


Social media announcement:

“We’re over the moon to announce that we’ve reached 10,000 followers! Thank you for your support.”

20. Thrilled to Tell You

“Thrilled to tell you” conveys high excitement and is great for major news.


Email to employees:

“Dear Team,

I am thrilled to tell you that we have been chosen as the primary contractor for the new city infrastructure project. This is a huge win for our company.”

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