20 Other Ways to Say “My Name Is”

Introducing oneself can sometimes feel monotonous, especially when using the same phrase repeatedly. Whether you’re writing an email, attending a meeting, or introducing yourself at a social event, varying your introduction can add a touch of personality and originality. Here are 20 other ways to say “My name is,” each with a suitable example scenario.

I’m Known As

Using this phrase gives a hint of your reputation or the name you go by in certain circles.

Scenario: In a professional networking event: “Hello, everyone. I’m known as Alice among my colleagues in the marketing department.”

They Call Me

This phrase often suggests a nickname or a name you’re commonly referred to by friends or family.

Scenario: In a casual gathering: “Hey, I’m glad to be here. They call me Jake, but my full name is Jacob.”

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

A formal and polite way to start an introduction, suitable for professional settings.

Scenario: In a business meeting: “Good morning, everyone. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Lisa from the finance team.”

I Go By

This is a casual way to let people know your preferred name, especially if it’s different from your given name.

Scenario: In an informal interview: “Hi, I’m thrilled to be here. I go by Sam, though my full name is Samantha.”

People Refer to Me As

This phrase implies a level of formality and could be used to share a professional or commonly known name.

Scenario: At a conference: “Hello, I am a keynote speaker today. People refer to me as Dr. Brown.”

You Can Call Me

A friendly and approachable way to introduce yourself, inviting others to use your preferred name.

Scenario: In a team-building exercise: “Nice to meet you all. You can call me Mike.”

Let Me Present Myself

A formal and somewhat elegant way to introduce yourself, often used in speeches or presentations.

Scenario: In an award ceremony: “Ladies and gentlemen, let me present myself: I am Dr. Clara Hughes, the head of research.”

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The Name I Go By Is

A clear way to state your name, often used when there might be confusion about what to call you.

Scenario: In a classroom setting: “Good morning, students. The name I go by is Professor Wilson.”

I’m Addressed As

This phrase indicates how people typically refer to you in formal or professional contexts.

Scenario: In a formal email: “Dear Mr. Thompson, I’m addressed as Mr. Evans in our communications.”

You May Know Me As

This introduction works well when you are known by different names in different contexts.

Scenario: In a professional seminar: “Welcome, everyone. You may know me as Jane from our online webinars.”

I Am Recognized As

This is a more formal introduction, often used in professional settings to establish identity.

Scenario: In a corporate meeting: “Good afternoon. I am recognized as the project manager, John Smith.”

I Answer To

This is a casual way to share your name, implying a readiness to respond to it.

Scenario: At a workshop: “Hi there, I answer to Andy.”

I’m Identified As

A formal way to introduce yourself, often used in official documents or presentations.

Scenario: In a legal proceeding: “For the record, I’m identified as Sarah Johnson, the attorney representing the plaintiff.”

They Know Me By the Name Of

They Know Me By the Name Of

This phrase suggests how you are commonly known in a specific group or community.

Scenario: In a community event: “Hello neighbors, they know me by the name of Greg around here.”

You Might Have Heard of Me As

This phrase implies that people might already be familiar with your name.

Scenario: In an industry conference: “Good afternoon. You might have heard of me as Tom, the author of several tech articles.”

In My Circles, I’m Called

This phrase suggests a nickname or a name used by people close to you.

Scenario: In a casual meetup: “Hey everyone, in my circles, I’m called Benny.”

Friends Call Me

A friendly and informal way to introduce yourself, indicating your nickname among friends.

Scenario: In a casual party: “Nice to meet you. Friends call me Bob.”

My Name Happens to Be

A slightly informal and laid-back way to share your name.

Scenario: In an introduction session: “Hi, my name happens to be Emily.”

Everyone Calls Me

This phrase is perfect for letting people know your commonly used name or nickname.

Scenario: In a social gathering: “Hello, everyone calls me Jess.”

I Am Formally Known As

This is a formal way to introduce yourself, often used in professional or legal contexts.

Scenario: In a court setting: “For the record, I am formally known as Robert Davis.”


Introducing yourself in different ways can significantly impact how you are perceived in various settings. Whether you are at a formal event, an informal gathering, or a professional meeting, choosing the right introduction phrase can help set the tone and make a memorable impression.

Each of these phrases provides a unique flavor to the simple act of stating your name, adding personality, context, and sometimes even a touch of humor.

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