20 Other Ways to Say “It Was Good to See You Again”

Expressing pleasure in seeing someone again can be done in a variety of ways, each suited to different contexts and levels of formality. Here are 20 alternative phrases to convey the sentiment, complete with scenario examples to help you use them effectively.

It Was Great to Catch Up With You

In a business email to a former colleague:

“Hi Tom,

It was great to catch up with you at the conference last week. Your insights on the new project were invaluable, and I hope we can collaborate again in the future.

Best regards, Sarah”

I’m Glad We Got to Reconnect

In a text message to an old friend:

“Hey Jane,

I’m glad we got to reconnect at the reunion. It felt like old times reminiscing about our school days. Let’s not wait so long to meet up again!

Cheers, Mike”

I Enjoyed Our Time Together

In a handwritten note to a family member:

“Dear Aunt Linda,

I enjoyed our time together during the holidays. Your stories always bring a smile to my face. Looking forward to our next family gathering.

Love, Emily”

It Was Wonderful to See You

In a thank you card to a mentor:

“Dear Dr. Stevens,

It was wonderful to see you at the seminar. Your advice and encouragement have always meant so much to me. Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely, John”

I’m Happy We Crossed Paths Again

I'm Happy We Crossed Paths Again

In a LinkedIn message to a former coworker:

“Hi Rachel,

I’m happy we crossed paths again at the industry event. It was great to hear about your new role at TechCorp. Let’s stay in touch and maybe grab coffee soon.

Best, David”

It Was Nice Running Into You

In a casual email to a neighbor:

“Hi Alex,

It was nice running into you at the grocery store yesterday. We should catch up properly sometime soon. How about a barbecue at our place next weekend?

Cheers, Nina”

I Had a Good Time Seeing You

In a postcard to a friend after a trip:

“Hi Sam,

I had a good time seeing you in New York. The city is amazing, and so was our time together. Can’t wait for your visit to California!

Best, Lily”

It Was a Pleasure Meeting Up

In a business follow-up email:

“Dear Mr. Harris,

It was a pleasure meeting up with you and discussing potential partnerships. I believe there are many opportunities for us to explore. Looking forward to our next meeting.

Best regards, Karen”

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I’m Pleased We Had a Chance to Talk

In a formal letter to a client:

“Dear Mrs. Brown,

I’m pleased we had a chance to talk at the conference. Your feedback on our services was very helpful. We are committed to making the improvements you suggested.

Sincerely, Robert”

It Was Delightful to See You

In a birthday card to a friend:

“Dear Emma,

It was delightful to see you at my birthday party. Your presence made the celebration even more special. Thank you for coming!

Best wishes, Sophia”

I’m Thrilled We Met Up Again

In a Facebook message to an old classmate:

“Hi Kevin,

I’m thrilled we met up again after all these years. Catching up and seeing how much we’ve both grown was amazing. Let’s plan a reunion soon!

Take care, Jessica”

It Was Nice Spending Time With You

In a letter to a cousin:

“Dear Jack,

It was nice spending time with you during the summer break. The adventures we had will be memories I cherish forever. Can’t wait for next summer!

Love, Megan”

I Had a Great Time With You

In a chat after a date:

“Hi Amy,

I had a great time with you last night. The dinner was fantastic, and I enjoyed our conversation. Looking forward to our next date!

Best, Chris”

I’m Glad We Got Together

In a WhatsApp message to a friend:

“Hey Lisa,

I’m glad we got together last weekend. It’s always fun catching up with you. Let’s plan another get-together soon!

Cheers, Brian”

It Was Fantastic to See You

In a thank you note after a visit:

“Dear Uncle Ben,

It was fantastic to see you during my trip to Chicago. Your hospitality was wonderful, and I had a great time exploring the city with you.

Best, Rachel”

I’m So Happy We Met Again

In an Instagram comment on a friend’s post:

“Hey Zoe,

I’m so happy we met again at the festival. It was such a surprise and a delight. Let’s not lose touch this time!

Love, Alex”

It Was Enjoyable to See You

It Was Enjoyable to See You

In a holiday card to a friend:

“Dear Paul,

It was enjoyable to see you at the Christmas party. You always bring such joy and laughter. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Best, Olivia”

I’m Pleased We Caught Up

In a text message to a friend:

“Hi Mark,

I’m pleased we caught up over lunch today. It was great hearing about your new job. Let’s make it a regular thing!

Best, Dan”

It Was Nice to See Your Face Again

In an email to a remote coworker:

“Hi Linda,

It was nice to see your face again in the team meeting today. It’s been too long since we last caught up. Let’s schedule a one-on-one soon.

Best, James”

I’m Grateful We Had This Chance to Meet

In a thank you letter to a business partner:

“Dear Mr. Patel,

I’m grateful we had this chance to meet and discuss our upcoming projects. Your insights are always invaluable. Looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Best regards, Helen”


Expressing joy and gratitude when reconnecting with someone is an important aspect of building and maintaining relationships. These 20 phrases offer a variety of ways to convey that sentiment, each suitable for different contexts and relationships. Whether in a professional setting or a personal one, finding the right words can leave a lasting positive impression.

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