20 Other Ways to Say Sunrise and Sunset in an Obituary

When writing an obituary, finding the right words can be a delicate and challenging task. Instead of using the standard “sunrise” and “sunset,” you can opt for more poetic and meaningful phrases to convey the beginning and end of a person’s life.

Here are 20 alternative ways to express these sentiments, complete with scenarios for their use.

1. The Dawn of Your Journey (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Sarah, We are deeply saddened to inform you that John Doe has reached the dawn of his journey. His spirit now embarks on a new path, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy of love.”

2. Your Evening Rest (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Mrs. Thompson, It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Michael’s passing. He has found his evening rest, bringing an end to his earthly journey but continuing to shine in our hearts.”

3. Beginning of Your Day (Sunrise)

Beginning of Your Day

Scenario: “Dear Emily, We remember the beginning of your day with fondness and gratitude. As we reflect on your life, we celebrate the love and joy you brought into the world.”

4. End of Your Day (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Mr. Clark, Jane’s life has reached the end of her day, and she is now at peace. Her contributions and kindness will always be remembered by those who knew her.”

5. Morning Light (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Friends, As we mourn the loss of David, we recall the morning light he brought into our lives. His bright spirit and warm smile will be missed but never forgotten.”

6. Twilight Peace (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Community Members, In this time of sorrow, we find solace in knowing that Mary has found twilight peace. Her journey has come to a serene close, and her memory will live on.”

7. First Light (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Relatives, We celebrate the first light of John’s life, reflecting on the joy and inspiration he provided. His memory continues to illuminate our hearts.”

8. Final Light (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Friends and Family, As we say goodbye to Sarah, we remember the final light she cast on us all. Her legacy of compassion and strength will forever be a guiding star.”

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9. New Beginning (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Team, Today we honor the new beginning that James brought into our lives. His impact on our work and friendships will be remembered always.”

10. Peaceful Close (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Loved Ones, Emily’s life has reached a peaceful close. Her journey was filled with love and laughter, and her spirit remains with us.”

11. Daybreak (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Colleagues, As we reflect on Martin’s contributions, we remember the daybreak of his career and the enthusiasm he shared with us all.”

12. Nightfall (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Team, We are saddened to share that Emma has reached her nightfall. Her dedication and kindness will continue to inspire us.”

13. Morning Glory (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Classmates, In remembrance of Anna, we celebrate the morning glory of her life. Her vibrant personality and generous spirit touched us all.”

14. Evening Glory (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Family, As we bid farewell to Robert, we recall the evening glory of his life. His achievements and love have left an indelible mark on our hearts.”

15. Start of Your Journey (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Friends, We remember the start of your journey, Ben, with great admiration. Your adventures and achievements will always be celebrated.”

16. Restful Evening (Sunset)

Restful Evening

Scenario: “Dear Friends and Family, We announce with deep sorrow that David has reached his restful evening. His life was a testament to strength and love, and he will be deeply missed.”

17. Rise and Shine (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Colleagues, As we mourn the loss of Linda, we remember her rise and shine each morning, bringing energy and positivity to our team.”

18. Quiet Dusk (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Neighbors, With a heavy heart, we share that Tom has reached his quiet dusk. His presence in our community was cherished, and his memory will live on.”

19. First Dawn (Sunrise)

Scenario: “Dear Classmates, We honor the first dawn of Susan’s life, filled with hope and promise. Her legacy will continue to inspire us all.”

20. Last Dusk (Sunset)

Scenario: “Dear Family, With deep sadness, we announce that Jack has reached his last dusk. His life was a journey of love, courage, and dedication.”


Choosing the right words to honor a loved one’s life is an important part of the grieving process. Using alternative phrases for sunrise and sunset can add a poetic and heartfelt touch to an obituary, capturing the essence of the individual’s life journey. Whether you refer to the dawn of their journey or their evening rest, these expressions can provide comfort and convey the depth of your emotions.

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